Friday, March 19, 2010

A Sad Day

On the Feast Day of St. Patrick, March 17, 2010, the Episcopal Church continued down her rapid descent into apostasy when the National Church Office announced that Ms. Mary Glasspool had received the necessary consents from both the Standing Committees of the Church and bishops with jurisdiction to be ordained and consecrated Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Los Angeles. Setting aside the fact that she is a woman and therefore unable to receive the grace of ordination to the priesthood or episcopate, the fact that she is an unrepentant sinner living in a same-sex relationship with another woman is yet another indication that ECUSA is unwilling to honestly look at what she is doing as a Church and recognize the damage to the souls of her members. A once proud and God-fearing denomination, the denomination of the Presidents, has now been reduced to an extension agency of the United Nations, whose only goal seems to be the propagation of the social justice movement devoid of authentic Christian faith and worship.

While I am glad that the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Georgia voted to withhold consent to her election, it is still unclear at this time how our bishop voted. I pray that he stood in solidarity with our Standing Committee and voted to withhold consent as well. I certainly hope that our diocese will vocally and firmly repudiate these actions in Los Angeles as heterodox. I pray that we will do all in our power as a diocese to remain firmly grounded in the catholic teaching and order and maintain our place as a faithful member of the church catholic.

St. John's Church in Moultrie, GA, will remain, as she always has, a beacon of light and hope grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will continue unimpeded to faithfully celebrate the Sacraments, preach and teach the faith once received, seek to amend and conform our lives to the Will of God as espoused in Holy Scripture, worship Almighty God in a reverent and pious manner, acknowledge our manifold sins and wickedness, and share the Good News of reconciliation and amendment of life to all who come seeking such.

God remains in control of His Church, and there is nothing that we can ever do to change that fact. He loves His Bride so much that he was willing to die for her, and "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." May God Almighty continue to have mercy upon us all.

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